In this issue you’ll read more about “maple” and “guitars” than you were perhaps expecting in a missionary magazine. Of course you already know it’s about more than these. It’s about lives changed by Christ and, as you’ll notice in Richard Paul’s story, prayer had a significant role in him coming to faith.

Editor's Comment

THOUGH NOT MENTIONED in our “Honouring Elders” stories in this issue, we know that in the New Testament “elder” also refers to a church leader, who may or may not be senior in age.

It’s true that giving and receiving wisdom and instruction has no age boundaries. It seems significant, though, when an older person takes the courage to point out in a loving way a mistake in a younger person’s life (perhaps a mistake they themselves made when young) … and the younger person accepts the correction and makes a change.

Recently I read an online post from Cree evangelist, Fred Evans. He began with, “I speak again as an elder,” and told of driving down the road one day with a younger passenger, also a Christian worker. The fellow finished his soft drink, rolled down the window and threw the can out the window. “I stopped and backed up to where it fell,” writes Fred. “I said, ‘Go pick up that can. You know better than to litter.’ ”

Knowing Fred, his admonition was probably more gentle than comes across in his post, and it probably included some Scripture related to responsibility. Younger or older, may we all be open to Spirit-guided instruction.


— R.H. (editor)