by Walter Selke, NCEM General Director

Our maintenance coordinator at NCEM Headquarters brought a proposal to our Executive Committee this past fall. David Bouck (who also serves in our Tribal Trails TV ministry) was wondering about the possibility of purchasing a Bobcat (machine) to use for snow clearing and other tasks.

I did an evaluation and felt that we could get by with the equipment we had, and gave Dave the news. I know he was disappointed, but was very gracious.

That afternoon I re-read the minutes from our Executive meeting. I make it a habit to pray through our minutes after the meetings, and continue to lay the matters discussed before our Lord. This time as I prayed I thought, “We really don’t need a Bobcat. Do I really need to be praying about it?”

Soon after, Bob Laird, our NCEM Treasurer, told me that a supporter had called and wanted us to come over for coffee. I love these kinds of meetings. We got to his place and were having a wonderful visit, talking about ministry and what God was doing. After our coffee time, he took us for a tour of his building. As we walked into the back, he asked, “Can I donate a Bobcat to you guys?” I got the biggest smile as I imagined God looking down and saying, “Walter, I really do answer prayer!”

When asked what is our biggest need at NCEM, I always say “Prayer!” It is really prayer that takes the needs of our ministry before almighty God. I believe that the effectiveness of our ministry is directly linked to prayer support from the saints. It is through prayer that so many of you are able to directly partner with the work God has called us to. Together we can see the Lord moving in the hearts of Canada’s First Peoples, young and old. Together we can see the ministry grow and bring glory to God.

This issue of Northern Lights focuses on prayer (please contact us to receive a printed copy of our 2019 Prayer Directory/Map). We appreciate and need your partnering with our missionaries through prayer.